• Name: Angel Daniel
  • Age: 30 years old
  • Hometown: Colima, Mexico
  • Current Address: Oceanside, CA
  • Also lived in:
    • Zurich, Switzerland
    • Guelph, Ontario (Canada)
    • College Station, Texas (USA)
  • Siblings: 2 younger brothers
  • Work in: Horticulture
  • Languages: Spanish, English and some French
  • Organizations: Servas, OFA


  1. Ayer casi me pega un rayo de esos que bajan del cielo y lo he grabado en video.
    Por si pueden poner un vinculo a mi blog:

  2. Que rollo carnal…

    Creo que ya ubiqué bien quien eres… te agregué a los compas del flickr!

    Cuidese y chido por hablar del terruño por la red!


  3. Dear Angel Daniel,

    I write to you to see if we could use one of your photographs in our magazine Ecuador Terra Incognita. We are a geographical magazine about Ecuador. We have acquired a reputation for our independent treatment of environmental issues and our careful photographic editing. We have a print run of 20,000 distributed Ecuador-wide. You can get a glimpse of what we do at http://www.terraecuador.net; we apologise that we are in the midst of a web-page overhaul and you will find it a bit messy.

    In our next issue (september), we feature an article about carnivorous plants. We saw your picture at flickr, and we liked it. We would like to use one of your pictures in the article (the one entitled “venus eating mosquito”,


    We can afford to pay US$40 for the rights to use each photo once in the print edition and in the webpage. We can arrange payment through paypal, if that is convenient to you.

    If you agree to this, we would need a copy in high resolution (32 cm wide, 300 dpi) sent to my address (andresvallejoespinosa@gmail.com)

    Please reply to me with your answer. I would be grateful if you can give us an answer as soon as possible since we are near our deadline.

    All the best

    Andrés Vallejo
    editor in chief
    Ecuador Terra Incognita

  4. I love your site! 🙂

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

  5. Me interesó mucho su escrito sobre la Chaya. Estoy viviendo en Los Angeles, California. ¿Sería mucho peddle me envie algunos palls para sembrar? Gracias. Ysamur Flores 
    Mi dirección es 
    Ysamur Flores 
    2714 E. Boulder St. 
    LA., Ca. 90033
    Lo puede enviar por cobrar.

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